Dental implantation treatment of the toothless jaws

Maksym Makarenko

Максим Макаренко Specialty: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

A man of 68 years has come to us with a complaint about the lack of teeth, the inability to chew food and the inability to wear removable dentures.

Antecedent history: type 2 diabetes mellitus. We have proposed to install fixed construction on implants. But this required stabilization of sugar level in blood under supervision of the treating doctor.

The installation of the 12 implants ImplantSwiss was made in one day simultaneously with 2 upper tooth roots extraction using A-PRF clots for rapid healing.


Computed tomography research

Computed tomography research helped us to plan the stages of implantation and determine the volume and type of bone as well as size of suitable implants.

Dental implantation

Patient is in a chair. Local anesthesia works. We removed the roots of the teeth, installed implants, put an A-PRF membrane, sutured.

Prosthesis installation

After successful healing of the implants in the bone (about 3 months), we will be able to move on to the final stage: the manufacture of zirconium dental prosthesis.

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