Teeth alignment with ceramic bracket-system

The patient's parents referred to Maksym Makarenko dental clinic to orthodontist in order to improve the aesthetic smile appearance. They were not satisfied with a narrow smile and crooked teeth.

The teeth rows in the posterior areas were narrowed and the dark buccal corridors appeared while smiling. It was decided to expand upper and lower teeth rows in the posterior areas by means of ceramic bracket systems and thermoactive archwires CuNiTi.


Computed tomography control

Included: X-ray, 3D jaws modeling, detailed measurements, vision of final result.

Bracket system installation

The orthodontist decided to install a ceramic bracket system on the upper and lower jaws in one visit.

Bracket system removal

After the bracket system removal there were fixed the retainers on the upper and lower jaws. It was also highly recommended to buy transparent custom-fitted night trays for chewing teeth position stabilization.

The treatment lasted for 14 months. The Client was fully satisfied with the excellent  aesthetic and functional result.

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