стоматолог Татьяна Майстренко

Tatiana Maistrenko

Pediatric dentist

Since 2016, she has been working with children, consults parents from the birth of children. She is engaged in the treatment of caries of temporary and permanent teeth. Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis of temporary teeth using the rubber dam system, teeth extraction by indications. Treats children in medication sleep (sedation), and using of laughing gas. Specializes in diseases of the oral mucosa. Regularly bone up her qualifications at national and international seminars, lectures, symposia.

2018 "With love to endo", "With love to resto" by Elena Dragan Ukraine

2019 "Dental gas versus xenon", online lecture, Moscow, Russian Federation

2019 "Composite in children's practice" online conference

2019 "Endodontic treatment of temporary / permanent teeth in children" Antonina Herzman

2021 "Using of metal crowns in pediatric dentistry", webinar by Dmitry Kislev 2013 graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.


Graduated from the internship of Shupik National Healthcare University of Ukraine


Received a specialization in pediatric dentistry, Uzhgorod National University of Ukraine


General practitioner dentist at Beauty Medical Center, Qatar


Pediatric dentist at the Cherkasy children's city dental clinic


Pediatric dentist at Julia dental clinic


Pediatric dentist at Dent Art dental clinic


Pediatric dentist at the Zablotskiy dental clinic


Pediatric dentist at MM Dental Clinic

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    Kyiv, Ukraine, 04074
    Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
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