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    What are dental crowns

    A dental crown is a prosthesis that restores tooth functions. We offer restoration of partially destroyed teeth with the use of dental crowns made of ceramic or zirconium dioxide.

    Thanks to modern technologies, our patients do not experience any difficulties: no discomfort during teeth molding and no need to wait long for your dental caps to be ready. We value the time of our customers, hence we use cutting-edge equipment that allows us to perform complete oral prosthetics in just 1 visit.

    We also use computer technology to manufacture anatomically perfect individual dental crowns & bridges, eliminating the human factor.

    Зубна керамічна коронка

    Indications for the installation of dental crowns

    Tooth enamel abrasion

    The abrasion often occurs as the result of intense external mechanical action. Prosthetics with crowns is necessary to restore the height of the bite and prevent diseases of the temporomandibular joint.

    Non-carious lesions

    Enamel lesions that have unaesthetic appearances and are not subject to restoration and whitening require restoration with dental crowns. Often, the cause of such lesions can be explained by high fluoride content in drinking water.

    Dental injuries

    In cases of physical dental injuries (e.g. sports related traumas), dental crowns are used  to restore anatomical functions & esthetics.

    Diastemata & tremas (gapped teeth)

    In this case placing dental crowns could be used as a quick solution to the problem (or if the orthodontist advises to).

    Preserving walls of a destroyed tooth

    In most cases, depulped teeth are restored with filling material. Chips may appear over time.

    Replacement of already installed crowns

    E.g. replacement of unaesthetic metal crowns with aesthetic ceramic ones, or in case if inflammatory processes occur underneath the crowns.

    Types of dental crowns

    зубная коронка из циркония
    Metal-free ceramic crowns

    • Material: made of durable ceramic materials (zirconium dioxide, ceramics)
    • Purpose: prosthetics of individual teeth (crowns) or bridges
    • Service life: up to 20 years.
    • Advantages: wear resistance, installation on live teeth, aesthetics, hypoallergenic, similarity to a natural tooth, almost do not need turning
    • Disadvantages: relatively high cost
    металлокерамические коронки
    Combined crowns

    • Material: frame (cap) metal, coating (visible part) ceramic, or plastic
    • Purpose: dental crowns, bridges, removable structures
    • Service life: up to 15 years.
    • Advantages: aesthetics, relatively low cost, do not change color, long operation
    • Disadvantages: fragility, able to provoke an allergic reaction, possible oxidation (blue gums at the site of the crown)
    металлические коронки
    Metal crowns

    • Material: cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-titanium alloy or precious metals (gold, platinum)
    • Purpose: dental crowns, bridges, removable structures
    • Service life:up to 10 years.
    • Advantages: low cost, durability
    • Disadvantages: lack of aesthetics, ability to oxidize, adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract

    Stages of crown installation

    Examination of the patient

    Complete rehabilitation

    Teeth scanning

    Installing the crown

    Our doctors

    The cost of dental crowns

    Digital tooth bit
    550 UAH
    Temporary crown
    1000 UAH

    Manufacturing of a crown from PMMA material on Sirona Dentsply apparatus.Making a teeth crown in one visit.

    Ceramic anatomical crown
    8500 UAH

    Manufacturing of a zirconium dioxide tooth crown on Sirona Dentsply apparatus.Making a teeth crown in one visit (3-4 hours).

    Ceramic anatomical crown
    10 000 UAH

    Manufacturing a crown with identity of natural tooth. Manufactured from zirconium dioxide or alumina on Sirona Dentsply apparatus. Making a crown in one visit (20 minutes).

    Vinіr, lumineer
    10 000 UAH

    Manufacturing a crown with identity of natural tooth. Manufacturing from alumina on Sirona Dentsply apparatus. Manufacturing in one visit (1 hour)


    We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

    You can pay in cash or by card.

    We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


    All dental crowns we have made have a 3-year warranty, provided that the rules of use and doctor's recommendations are followed. You can read the warranty conditions in the "Warranties" section.

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