Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of dentistry that deals with dental diseases and their complications in maxillo-facial area. Most often, they are inflammatory diseases of soft and hard oral tissues, traumas, fractures, neoplasms (benign/malignant).

When to consult a dental surgeon?

Most often, patients go to the dental surgeon after the consulting doctor (dental therapist) who gives a referral on tooth extraction when a tooth cannot be saved. However, there is a list of specific cases when a patient should not wait but consult a dental surgeon on his own:

  • periostitis (often called dental abscess)
  • pericoronitis (difficult eruption of “wisdom tooth”)
  • alveolitis (socket inflammation)
  • traumas (tooth /jaw fractures).

Planned visiting the dental surgeon: planned tooth extraction, osteoplasty, labial frenum/lingual frenum plastic surgery, mucous membrane plastic surgery, dental implantation, chronic periodontitis (cystectomy).

Dental surgery services

Dental implantation

In dental implantation, we use one of the methods: immediate implantation, two-stage implantation in specific cases, immediately loaded implantation. Implant survival in our clinic is 95-97%. Implant systems we deal with have lifetime guarantee.

Tooth saving surgery

Cystectomy – cyst excision with tooth root resection.
Cystotomy – scission of a cyst, without its excision.
Coronary radicular separation – a surgery that allows to save the tooth if inflammatory area is between the roots.
Root resection – extraction of a tooth root and preserving the crown of this tooth.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction of any complexity. In atypical tooth extraction, we use harmonic scalpel (piezotome).


Injuries of teeth/jaws – we perform surgeries after various injuries of teeth/jaws, including splintage with jaw fractures. It is very important to consult an experienced dental surgeon just after a tooth injury, as it is often possible to save the tooth but not to extract it.

Sinus augmentation

Bone augmentation – we use various methods of bone augmentation, in conformity with western protocols.

Bone expletive substances we work with have all necessary certificates. 99% of surgeries are performed with A-PRF, which gives good results and minimizes complications.

Lingual frenum plastic surgery

Frenuloplasty – plastic surgeries of lingual/labial frenum. We use the diode laser in practically all clinical cases.


What if an implant does not survive?

If an implant did not survive, which is rare, our doctors will perform a repeated operation free of charge (on condition that all doctor’s recommendations after implantation have been observed)

Is tooth extraction painful?

The extraction process itself is practically painless for the patient as all surgeries are performed with anaesthetics.

Should antibiotics be used after a surgery?

Yes, obligingly. We adhere to the protocol where antibiotics after surgery are obligatory, to prevent inflammatory processes.

How long will an alveolar socket heal after extraction?

Depending on the type of surgery and patient’s body peculiarities, the healing time is from one week to one month.

How dangerous is a cyst excision?

As in any surgery, there are always risks. However, if compared to other surgeries, cyst excision can be compared to tooth extraction.

What to do if post-surgical sutures did not hold?

It is necessary to consult an attending doctor and not to take any individual efforts.

Our advantages

Modern protocols

The experts of our clinic provide a full range of dental surgery services, using advanced equipment and materials, in conformity with up-to-date western protocols.

Without pain and stress

Any surgery in our clinic can be performed with sedation. Our anaesthetic agents are maximum health-safe. And due to STA computer anaesthesia, injections are almost painless.

Highly-qualified experts

Our surgeons have great experience in performing operations and continuously raise their qualification participating in international activities.

Safety and sterility

A dentist’s surgery in our clinic conforms to all necessary norms, surgeries are performed by 4-6 experts, both the room and the instruments are sterilised in accordance with the international standards.

Careful planning of surgeries

Each surgery is thoroughly planned in a special program, after the CT examination. Such an approach allows to perform a surgical procedure as carefully as possible, providing for patient’s safety and minimizing possible postsurgical complications.

Modern equipment

We use a piezotome (harmonic scalpel), a physiodispenser (an apparatus assisting the surgeon in implantation), DUO centrifuge to obtain A-PRF, surgical light.  Computer tomograph Sirona – makes high-quality shots, with a small radiation dose.

Additional services

Cost of main services

Tooth extraction
from 1350 UAH

Includes: sterile set of tools AntiAIDS, X-ray diagnostics, allergen test, anaesthesia, doctor’s recommendations.

Atypical tooth extraction
from 3000 UAH

Includes: sterile set of tools AntiAIDS, computed tomography scan, allergen test, anaesthesia, filling of alveolar socket with a bone expletive substance, suture of alveolar socket, 24/7 postsurgical care, doctor’s recommendations.

Tooth cyst excision
from 5000 UAH

Includes: sterile set of tools AntiAIDS, computed tomography scan, allergen test, anaesthesia, cyst curettage with tooth root resection, filling of alveolar socket with a bone expletive substance, suture of alveolar socket, 24/7 postsurgical care, doctor’s recommendations.

Sinus lifting
from 10 000 UAH

Includes: sterile set of tools AntiAIDS, computed tomography scan, surgery planning and calculation of allotment of material, allergen test, anaesthesia, bone augmentation, suture of alveolar socket, 24/7 postsurgical care, doctor’s recommendations. (Bone expletive substance is not included).


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

You can pay in cash or by card.

We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


All dental treatment we have made a warranty, provided that the rules of use and doctor's recommendations are followed. You can read the warranty conditions in the "Warranties" section.

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