Dental computed tomography

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) or 3D CT is an informative diagnostic method for the treatment and prosthetics of teeth.
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    Dental computed tomography (CT):

    • To check the previous treatment
    • To examine the features of the bone tissue of the jaws and skull
    • To examine the periodontal tissue
    • To plan the dental implantation and any operation on the jaws
    • To diagnosticate malocclusion anomalies
    • To determine the canals direction during the treatment of complications
    • To identify traumas on the jaws and skull
    • To identify neoplasms in the oral cavity

    Computed tomography scan (CT) of teeth

    In the 21st century we have the unique diagnostic tool for diagnosing various pathologies a computed tomography (CT) scanner. It is used not only in dentistry but also in other areas of medicine. Today computed tomography is the gold standard for diagnostics in dentistry. That is why we have made our dental clinic even more convenient for patients. The Orthophos SL dental tomograph with a cephalostat from Dentsply Sirona (Germany) helps us in this.

    Thanks to the patented direct conversion sensor (DSC ) and SL technologies we obtain high quality HD images with minimal patient radiation exposure.

    Why we use Dentsply Sirona Orthophos SL tomograph

    A minimum of contraindications, the possibility of examining pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies, the ability to write on disk or send to the mailbox for further discussion of the treatment plan remotely.
    Sidexis CT software allows us to process, analyze, plan surgical procedures such as guided implants. It is a good assistant for the dentist.
    Automatic patient positioning by means of the patented bite block and 3-point head support. Scanning speed lasts 8 seconds, image reconstruction -18-20 seconds.

    Important information about computed tomography

    We cannot say that CT diagnostics (Cone beam computed tomography) is absolutely safe. During the scan the patient receives a certain dose of X-ray radiation. But the radiation dose on the Orthophos SL device is less than 30 μSv, which is very moderate in comparison with some analogs (up to 400 μSv).

    CT diagnostics is carried out in a specially equipped room that is maximally protected from X-ray radiation using a special protective apron. We recommend our patients to remove their jewelry and accessories. The diagnostic process itself takes about 20 seconds.

    During CT scaning the irradiation is relatively small, but present. At the initial consultation it is enough for a doctor to examine the oral cavity, take a targeted X-ray or orthopantomogram. If the collected research results are not enough the doctor will appoint CT scan of the teeth.

    Price for CT scan

    Segment, up to 3 teeth (CT)
    350 UAH

    Includes: CT scan of the jaw segment (up to 3 teeth), CD with the record

    Upper or lower jaw (CT)
    600 UAH

    Includes: CT scan of the upper or lower jaw, CD with the record

    Upper and lower jaw (CT)
    700 UAH

    Includes: CT scan of the upper and lower jaw, CD with the record

    Orthopantomography (OPTG)
    300 UAH

    Includes: OPTG examination of the upper and lower jaw, CD with a record or a print on A4 paper

    Teleradiography (TRG)
    300 UAH

    Includes: TRG examination of the upper and lower jaw in the lateral projection, CD with the record or a print on A4 paper.


    We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

    You can pay in cash or by card.

    We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


    CT examinations for patients treated at MM Dental Clinic are discounted. During the initial examination the X-ray is free of charge if the patient remains under treatment with us.

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