Medical dental tourism to Ukraine

Ukrainian dentists have won recognition among western patients with their high-quality work. Dentistry prices for patients from Europe, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom are very attractive.

Ukrainian dental services for patients from other countries are getting more and more popular day by day. The capital city of Kyiv is often chosen for dental treatment.

Firstly, because of easy transportation from many world airports.

Secondly, Kyiv attracts tourists with its beauty and sights.

Medical tourism in Ukraine is popular not only in dentistry.

There are companies that arrange medical tours and their services are popular with patients from many countries of the world saving lots of money. However, if a patient arranges dental treatment in Ukraine on his own, the services can be even more profitable.

Dentistry prices in different countries


USA and Canada

United Kingdom

Germany and Austria

Root canal treatment

from 36 USD

from 700 USD 

from 510 USD

from 850 USD

Veneers / lumineers

320 USD 

from 900 USD

from 1060 USD

from 1000 USD

Implant crown

from 250 USD

from 1000 USD

from 1060 USD

from 1000 USD

Teeth whitening

142 USD

from 450 USD

from 255 USD

from 600 USD

Tooth implantation, Straumann

625 USD

from 1100 USD

from 1770 USD

from 1400 USD

What do we offer to patients?

Our doctors are always ready to consult the patient in detail. The clinic administrators will help choose accommodation, give tips to non-residents on staying in Ukraine, help organise the transfer and living, if necessary.

Step-by-step actions starting from consultancy to the end of treatment:

Send an inquiry

You send an inquiry in any convenient form: e-mail, social networks, messengers, feedback form on the website, online-chat on the website, by phone. In your inquiry you tell your clinical case, if there are CT scans, please attach them to your inquiry – the doctor will be able to diagnose your clinical case more accurately. 

Treatment plan

The doctor will make a maximum detailed preliminary plan of treatment, specify additional services that could be necessary and when. The doctor may have other questions for details. And of course we state the term of treatment for you to plan the time of staying in Ukraine.

Coordination of treatment plan

Then you coordinate the treatment plan: you will possibly refuse from some services, you may wish additional manipulations or the doctor may offer several variants of problem solving, the choice is yours.

Accommodation and transfer

The treatment plan being coordinated, the administrator, may consult you about accommodation and transfer – if necessary, we can arrange everything ourselves. The administrator will give you general tips on staying in Kyiv.

Starting the treatment

You come to Kyiv and we start the treatment. Our clinic has all necessary equipment for accurate diagnostics and high-quality treatment in conformity with international standards.


The whole process is controlled by the doctor, treatment provides for several visits to the doctor, that is why you should not worry about rehabilitation – all you need is to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many days is it necessary to stay in Ukraine to place in implant?

We recommend planning your visit for 12 days. At the day of arrival the surgery is not recommended – your body needs rest after the flight. The next day we perform diagnostics, plan the surgery and the implantation itself. According to the protocol, 3 days later you should come for examination for the doctor to control the healing, and in 10 days after the surgery the sutures should be removed.

Is it possible to make crowns in one day?

Yes, it is. Our own digital dental technical laboratory allows us to work quickly and with maximum comfort for the patient. And the CEREC system allows to model, manufacture and place a tooth crown in 1 day.

Can I pay in foreign currency?

Ukraine allows for payments in the national currency only – the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). You can also pay by a bank card (Visa / Master Card) at the clinic reception.

How long does it take to make veneers?

We can make composite, zirconium and ceramic veneers in one day, but we should consider certain peculiar features. With composite veneers, much depends on the patient’s patience in the dental chair – restoration of all teeth in the oral cavity will take about 10 hours. With composite veneers, we recommend to plan a 2 day treatment. Ceramic or zirconium dioxide veneers can be manufactured and placed in one day.

What are the most frequent services ordered by foreign citizens?

In our clinic, the leading services ordered by foreign patients are the most expensive ones – implantation, teeth prosthetics, veneer placement and aesthetic dentistry in general. Very often, before implantation a patient has diseases of soft or hard oral tissues. In such cases, to perform a complete oral cavity sanation, Ukrainian doctors are preferred. Orthodontic treatment is an outsider with foreign citizens – teeth alignment requires regular (every month) orthodontist’s control.

Our advantages

Qualified professionals

Our staff’s experience is 10-21 years. Our doctors work in conformity with international protocols, have great experience of working with modern dental equipment. They regularly advance in skills at international conferences and have successful cases in complicated clinical events.


There are 4 stages of sterilising dental instruments, with the use of certified effective disinfecting agents. The final sterilisation stage is autoclaving at 134 degrees Celsius. Instrument cleaning is controlled twice by the indicators – at the preliminary and at the final stages. Dental rooms are quartz treated after every patient.

Modern equipment

Our clinic has all necessary equipment for accurate diagnostics, a microscope for treating root canals, modern and comfortable dental units, our own digital dental technical laboratory, a complete set of surgical instruments.

Experience of work with foreign citizens

Our patients come from all over the world (and we have a world map to mark the countries whose patients consulted our clinic). All the patients remained pleased, they gave positive feedback in Google and Facebook and keep recommending our clinic to their relatives and friends. We can calculate your and our time, plan the treatment terms in plenty of time, turning a medical visit into an enjoyable rest.

The cost of dental treatment

Dental implantation
from 8000 UAH
Vinіr, lumineer
10000 UAH
Ceramic anatomical crown
8500 UAH
Ceramic / zirconium anatomical crown
10000 UAH
Aesthetic tooth restoration
3200 UAH
Dental canal treatment with a microscope
2000 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

You can pay in cash or by card.

We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


All dental treatment we have made a warranty, provided that the rules of use and doctor's recommendations are followed. You can read the warranty conditions in the "Warranties" section.

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