Clinic warranty

A guarantee is a period during which in case of detection of defects in the work performed, the patient has the right to timely eliminate these defects without incurring financial costs, provided that all recommendations of the attending physician are followed.

We are confident in the quality:

  • For restoration of a tooth with photopolymer material 1 year *
  • For orthopedic constructions (crowns, inlays, lining) of feldspar, aluminum dioxide (E.max), zircon dioxide 3 years *
  • On bridge structures 1 year *
  • For temporary crowns 6 months *
  • For the treatment of milk teeth 3 months *
  • For dental implants the warranty period is borne by the manufacturer of the implants. As a rule, an implant replacement within 1 year is free. The patient pays for the anti-AIDS kit

* Provided that all the recommendations of the doctor and the passage of a routine inspection and preventive cleaning every 6 months.

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