What are clear aligners?

Aligners are transparent aesthetic mouthguards for alignment of the dentition, it made of durable and light polymer.
This system was pioneered by Align Technology company, which began producing these mouthguards more than 20 years ago the Invisalign brand.

Until 2017, Invisalign had a monopoly in the aligner market, when the main patent for their production ended. Since then other companies in America and Europe have adopted this successful technology and started producing their own similar product.

Indications for treatment with aligners (mouth guards)




Crowding of teeth




Deep bite


Open bite


Abnormal shape of the dentition

How clear aligners are treated?


Intraoral examination

Orthodontic treatment begins with an acquaintance between the doctor and the patient, a full-time examination in the dentist's chair, X-ray diagnostics (OPTG images and 2 TRG images in two projections).


To make a treatment plan the doctor takes 3D dental impression using a digital intraoral scanner. The procedure takes from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. After that the doctor sends OPTG, TRG, 3D scans to the laboratory. After a few days the doctor receives a complete treatment plan, which includes: the timing of treatment, the number of mouth guards, 3D visualization of jaws changes during the entire treatment process.


Aligners are made in pairs. Each pair (upper and lower) is sterile packed and numbered for your convenience. You change them every 10-14 days. In the process of treatment it is necessary to visit a doctor every 2-3 months for professional hygiene, treatment control, if necessary, to move attachments and separate teeth. Thus the entire treatment process will be controlled by your orthodontist.


If the patient complied with all the rules for using aligners, by the ending of treatment you do not need additional intervention and you can start fixing the result. Fixation involves a combination of a retainer and a retention mouth guard. The retainer is installed immediately after the removal of the system and professional oral hygiene. The retainer is glued to a transparent material on the inside of the dentition for 6 teeth. It looks like a thin wire and it is invisible to others and does not cause of discomfort to the patient. The retainer should be worn at least 2 times longer than the duration of the treatment. That is if you used the aligners for 9 months, the retainer is installed for a year and a half. To manufacturing a retention cap, the doctor takes new 3D scans with the final result and sends them to the laboratory. Such mouth guards are used from 1 to 2 years, but do not be alarmed they are worn only at night. At first every day, and after 1-2 months it is enough to use caps 2 times a week.

What aligners are used in our clinic

Our orthodontists have been trained and certified by two aligner manufacturers: Usmih (Ukraine vs Great Britain) and CristaLine (Germany).

Advantages of Usmih aligners
  • Relatively affordable price
  • The manufacturing is located in Ukraine, which means that the logistics of the mouth guards will always be on time
  • The end result can be seen at the stage of treatment planning
  • Mouth guards production up to 5 working days
  • Possibility to make additional caps during the treatment process (for example, in case of their loss)
Disadvantages of Usmih aligners
  • Require special and careful care
  • Paid treatment planning
  • Require temporary restriction of some daily habits
  • Not all clinical cases covered
  • The treatment plan is developed by computer technology, which means that a qualified orthodontist is required to control all treatment process

Advantages of CristaLine aligners
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Treatment planning by computer technology with a team of German orthodontists
  • The final result can be seen at the planning stage
  • Free treatment planning
  • Cover mild to moderate clinical cases
  • Treatment time from 4 months
Disadvantages of CristaLine aligners
  • Mouth guards production up to two weeks
  • Require special and careful care
  • Require temporary restriction of some daily habits

How much do clear aligners cost?

800 UAH

Consultation and examination by a doctor, OPTG and 2 TRG images + their interpretation.

Scanning 3D
1800 UAH
Treatment planning
3000 UAH

3D visualization of the treatment process, calculation of the number of caps and terms of treatment (if all the rules of treatment are followed it remains fixed)

Aligner manufacturing
2650 UAH

1 mouthguard

Manufacturing a retention mouthguard
1500 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

You can pay in cash or by card.

We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


We provide a guarantee for all types of orthodontic treatment services, provided that the patient fulfills all doctor’s recommendations and following oral hygiene. For more information follow "Warranty" link.

Location of the clinic in Kyiv

The most convenient way to get to our dental clinic is from the following districts of Kyiv: Vynohradar, Kurenivka, Obolon, Syrets, Minska square.


Why can't you smoke with aligners? Can they melt?

Nicotine can change the color of the mouthguard from clear to yellow. If you are not concerned about the issue of aesthetics you can smoke in aligners.

Do you need to remove your mouthguards to take a glass of wine or have a meal?

When you use aligners for several weeks you will understand how and when you can ignore certain appointments and live comfortable during treatment. For example, tomorrow is a party and today it's time to switch to a new pair do not remove the previous aligners and walk with them for a one more day. Or on the day of the party, the last day of using a pair of aligners is appointed then you can not limit yourself and relax with them. If it so happened that the date of the event does not fall under the above situations you can remove the aligners, go to a party, then fix the mouthguards on your teeth and walk with them again for 20 hours.

What to do if you broke your mouthguard?

If you broke or lose your mouth guard, inform your doctor to order a new one from this pair. In the meantime you can put on the previous pair and walk with them. The second way if you broke a mouth guard, for example, after 10 days of using you can try switching to the next pair. If the mouthguards are fixed well, wear the next pair for the standard period prescribed by the doctor.

If I'm irresponsible the aligners won't for me?

Not correct idea. Psychologists tell that habits are formed within 21 days and this is exactly the period when the treatment process will seem exciting, something new and interesting to you. The first changes will be noticeable during this period, the result will please you and contribute to an additional motivator. To motivate the patient and control the process the doctor does not give away all the aligners at once, but gives them to the clinic in several pairs.

Why are aligners more expensive than braces?

First of all it's timing of treatment. Treatment with aligners is twice as fast as with braces. This also applies to the retention period. Secondly, it is comfort and the absence of severe tooth pain, as is the case with braces. Thirdly, aligners do not injure the oral mucosa unlike braces, which does not cause the risk of infectious diseases of the mucosa. Fourthly, often the patient compares the cost of treatment with a braces and treatment with aligners is not entirely correct.
It is necessary to take into account the fixation of the system, all visits to the doctor, the cost of replacing all archs or ligatures during the treatment, the cost of orthodontic wax, the cost of elastics, professional hygiene every 2-3 months during the treatment period, the cost of additional manipulations (spring fixation, separation, etc.). In the case of treatment with aligners you immediately receive the final cost. When calculating all stages of treatment on braces, taking into account the timing, the final amount you will receive is not too different from treatment on aligners.

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