What are orthodontic brace?

A bracket is a plate that is attached to each individual tooth. Orthodontic brace are made from different materials, among the most common are metal, ceramic, and sapphire. Their main difference lies in aesthetics and as a result in cost. Also, when choosing braces, an important role is played by the peculiarity of malocclusion. That is why braces should be selected together with the doctor.

The orthodontic braces are interconnected into one structure with an elastic and strong arc. This design is called a braces (system) and it is the system that moves the dentition. Due to the elasticity, the arc is easily installed in the locks of each bracket. And due to the strength, it tends to return to its original position, correcting the dentition. During treatment, the arcs are changed every three months.

Indications for braces treatment


Аnomaly of occlusion


Misalignment of multiple teeth


Сrowding of teeth


Disalignment of dental arch


Preparation for implantation


Preparation for prosthetics

Stages of treatment with braces


Diagnostics and consultation

Before starting orthodontic treatment it is always necessary to take an OPTG and two TRG (in frontal and lateral projections) this will help the doctor to choose the most correct and competent treatment. Examination by the doctor in the chair and examination of the pictures. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor will offer several options for braces explain to the patient the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Preparation before treatment

Before the start of treatment it is necessary to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity, professional hygiene, remove eights (the so-called wisdom teeth).

Installation of a braces

Installation of brackets on the surface of the teeth and connecting them with an arc using locks (self-ligating braces) or ligatures (ligature braces). Sometimes the installation stage is divided into two visits with an interval one-two weeks for better adaptation of the patient. First the system is installed on one jaw, during the next visit on the other jaw.


After installing the braces, the doctor sets the date for the next visit. There will be several such receptions you will need to visit the orthodontist regularly. The frequency of visits depends on the chosen system: ligature brackets once a month, non-ligature or self-ligating brackets once every 3 months. During treatment, additional manipulations may be performed: separation of teeth, change the bracket to a different position, installation of a mini-implant, elastics etc.

Bracket debonding

At the end of the treatment the doctor will remove the system in a way that is gentle on tooth enamel. It is important to carry out a professional hygiene with Air Flow to gently remove bonded composite and adhesive from the tooth enamel.

Fixing the result

To fix the result a retainer (metal arc) is installed on each jaw on the back of the dentition for 6 teeth. Additionally an individual retention mouthguard is made which will help keep the teeth in the correct position. The retainer is usually worn for at least 2 times longer than the duration of the treatment. Mouthguard is put on at night, first every day and after a month once or twice a week.

Methods of bite correction

In work the orthodontist uses various braces, which can be standard and self-ligating. Standard systems include metal ligature braces, ceramic ligature braces, sapphire ligature braces. Self-ligating systems include metal self-ligating braces and ceramic self-ligating braces.

Metal braces

They provide good treatment results. The disadvantages are that such systems are quite visible on the teeth. A significant advantage of these systems is their low cost.

Cost from 8500 UAH

Ceramic braces

These systems are most often used by adult patients who want to make their orthodontic treatment invisible for others. The cost of such systems is slightly higher than that of metal ones.

Cost from 16 000 UAH

Sapphire braces

By its composition sapphire is a very transparent mineral. The transparency of such braces is close to glass and makes them barely visible. The cost of such systems is high.

Cost from 19 000 UAH

Combined braces

It can be made of ceramic, sapphire and metal braces at the same time. There is a possibility of simultaneous placement of ceramics on the upper jaw and metal braces on the lower.

Cost from 12 000 UAH

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces do not have rubber elements (ligatures) that hold the arch in the bracket groove. Instead of it the metal clips are used to help the archwire move the teeth into the correct position. The clips provide more freedom of the teeth movement, since friction between the arch and grooves almost completely disappears. Thus they reduce the discomfort that sometimes occurs when using a traditional ligature. Self-ligating braces adjust faster and you spend less time in the dental clinic.

Ligature braces

For proper bite correction and teeth movement the orthodontist needs to replace the archwires periodically and to activate the braces. The activation of the ligature systems occurs more often. In accordance with the treatment standards it is carried out once a month since the ligatures are wore out quickly and are no longer reliably hold the arc.

Treatment with braces has an alternative - bite correction with aligners

Жданова Татьяна Владимировна Врач стоматолог, ортодонт

Tatyana Zhdanova


Assistant at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Kyiv Medical University.

Since 2016 she has been working a dentist.

She is proficient in modern methods of orthodontic treatment for children and adults: fixed appliance (braces, orthodontic appliances, treatment with mini-implants), removable (aligners, appliances).

Regularly improves her qualifications at seminars, lectures, symposia.

"Fixed equipment" 2018, Kyiv

"Biomechanics in Orthodontics" 2019, Kyiv

"Actual problems of orthodontics" 2021, Kyiv

Work of our orthodontist


How long does the treatment take?

This is influenced by several factors: the age of the patient and the diagnosis. Up to 18-23 years during the formation of the dentoalveolar system the treatment takes half a year faster than in an adult. In adults the average treatment time is 1.5-2 years. The maximum treatment time is up to 3 years.

How can the duration of treatment be reduced?

Treatment can be shorter by changing arcs more frequently than once every three months. However we do not recommend aggressive treatment. It is dangerous that bone tissue does not have time to form around the tooth root. This can lead to bone resorption and loss a tooth.

Do braces damage your teeth?

Teeth injury due to insufficient care and hygiene. After installing the braces hygiene becomes more difficult. Therefore our orthodontists recommend paying due attention to brushing your teeth: using special brushes, using an irrigator, doing professional hygiene every 3-4 months.

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

If the dentition incorrectly it is necessary. In the future it can be cause repeated curvature of the dentition. Today orthodontists are increasingly recommend to remove all eights, and some even refuse to treat if there are eights teeth.

Do braces wearers need a special diet?

Orthodontists recommend to avoid very strong foods (nuts, apples, candies, etc.). In practice we know that many patients neglect this recommendation. The danger lies that the bracket can break or peel off and this will create an inconveniences, and sometimes even injuries, if you cannot get to the doctor intime and correct the situation. The rest of the food products that negatively affect the enamel (sweets, soda, etc.) dentists do not recommend using without braces too. All you need is satisfactory oral hygiene. You will have to rinse your mouth almost after every meal, as food residues can get stuck on the braces and under the arc.

The cost of dental treatment with braces

Ortho visit
600 UAH
Metal braces
from 8500 UAH

1 jaw

Ceramic braces
from 16 000 UAH

1 jaw

Sapphire braces
from 19 000 UAH

1 jaw

One-piece single-unit
from 5000 UAH
Twin Block appliance
9500 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan. You can pay in cash or by card.
We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


We provide a guarantee for all types of orthodontic treatment services, provided that the patient fulfills all doctor’s recommendations and following oral hygiene. For more information follow "Warranty" link.

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