Pediatric dentistry

We provide dental treatment for children of any age.

Pediatric dentistry is a separate area and requires considerable experience and training of a dentist. Our team has such experience, doctors understand child psychology and will find an approach to a little patient (even if your little one is the most obstinate among children).

In addition, you can be sure that the child will not get stress and phobia to the doctors - precisely because of the painless treatment method and the doctor's friendly attitude.

And also, after each visit to our dentistry, the child receives a nice gift for good behavior 🙂

Pediatric dentistry services

Caries prevention

Our doctors teach children how to clean their teeth correctly and advice hygiene products. We cure milk teeth by sealing them from carious lesions with the German KAVO HealOzone.

Caries treatment

We cure with modern methods of carious lesions filling using the latest generations filling materials from the leading manufacturers in Western Europe, Japan and the USA.

Prosthetics of milk teeth

We use digital technologies (CEREC technology) to make a crown per tooth in 10 minutes. This method allows you to accurately restore the anatomical function of the tooth and aesthetics.

Restoration of milk teeth

Reproduction of tooth anatomy using rubber dam and composite materials of the latest generation. This allows us to recreate the natural color, function and anatomy of the tooth.

Tooth extraction

We use anesthetics that do not harm the health of your child with a preliminary test for an allergic reaction. It is possible to use sedation or general anesthesia by prior agreement with the parents.

Children bite correction

We consult parents how to avoid problems with malocclusion. If the problem is present we use orthodontic appliances or braces.

Our Advantages

Painless treatment

We use KAVO HealOzone aparatus, which allows us to treat teeth without drilling and as a result without pain.

Crowns in 10 minutes

The production of crowns for milk and permanent children teeth is carried out in the shortest possible time and with maximum anatomical accuracy.


After treatment or examination at our dental clinic each child receives a pleasant and interesting gift from the doctor. This allows us to keep positive and warm impressions of the visit.
стоматолог Татьяна Майстренко

Tatiana Maistrenko

Pediatric dentist, therapist

Since 2016, she has been working with children, consults parents from the birth of children: (plastic surgery of the frenum of the tongue); teaching children and their parents hygiene skills.

She is engaged in the treatment of caries of temporary and permanent teeth. Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis of temporary teeth using the rubber dam system, teeth extraction by indications. Treats children (according to indications) in medication sleep (sedation), and using of laughing gas. Specializes in diseases of the oral mucosa (consultation, examination, treatment order). Regularly bone up her qualifications at national and international seminars, lectures, symposia.

Thanks to her great experience and amazing ability to find an approach to almost any child, she weaned many young patients from being afraid of people in white coats.

Attends master classes of leading specialists in pediatric dentistry from around the world. Takes part in international dental symposia and conferences.

How to prepare your child for a visit to the dentist?

It should be explained why a child should visit a dentist without hiding it and not misleading children. This can be done in different ways: you need to see if the teeth are growing correctly; examine if there is any caries (using the example of cartoons or pictures, explain in advance what caries is).

Be kind, positive and talk about your successful dental visit. Tell your child how exactly the doctor helped you in a difficult situation and share the pleasant impressions after visit.

Describe how the dentist who are you planing to visit looks, so that the child does not have the fear of an unknown person. For example: “Tomorrow we will go to Maksym. He is bearded but very kind, he likes to play with cars. Let’s take this red one with us, show him and play together."

It is better not to promise your child that it will not hurt, because if the child hurts even a little child's trust can be lost.

Tell your child what exactly will happen at the appointment. For example, if we are talking about removing caries you can use pictures and explain “there is a worm in your tooth and the doctor will buzz him with a special machine so that he escapes. The worm must be driven away, because it can eat the tooth."

Children have a mood factor. Therefore, in the case when the child says does not want to go to the doctor today, there is no need to force or persuade.


лікування зубів у дітей

Can you make a DEAL WITH MY child FOR dental treatment?

Usually this question arises after a previously negative experience of visiting dentistry, as a result of which children have fear. Often we can persuade the child to receive treatment but parents also need to participate. In addition we insist on following our recommendations in preparing your child for a visit to the dentist.

From what age my child can be treated?

Since the eruption of milk teeth. But there are individual cases when it is necessary to do plastic surgery of the tongue frenum. This is much earlier than milk teeth grow.

Children's treatment cost

Fill on a temporary tooth
1250 UAH
Sealing of channels
300 UAH
Sealing of milk tooth fissures
500 UAH
Removal of a baby tooth
500 UAH
Professional hygiene
1000 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price and the agreed treatment plan.

You can pay in cash or non-cash (through a bank terminal).

We can get treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


We understand any clinical case and provide warranty periods for all types of work. You can read more in the "Warranty" section.

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