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    Dental treatment. Basic services

    Professional hygiene

    Includes: scaling of dental plaque with a KAVO ultrasonic device, treatment of interdental spaces with a KAVO ProfiFlex device under high pressure with a bicarbonate suspension. As well as teeth polishing with special toothpastes. After the procedure a special gel is applied which relieves increased teeth sensitivity.

    Pulpitis treatment

    Pulpitis is a disease that can lead to tooth loss. Pulpitis should be treated immediately when the first symptoms occur. Its symptoms are as follows: pain at night, throbbing pain during the day, pain that occurs after eating cold or hot food. Our endodontists can quickly relieve toothache and treat the tooth under a microscope CJ Optic.

    Perio disease treatment

    This is an inflammatory process outside the tooth root. Late treatment of the disease can lead to the formation of benign tumors (cysts) with subsequent loss of the tooth. We have extensive experience in treating such teeth using a microscope, Japanese materials and modern medical protocols.

    Dental caries treatment

    At the initial stage of caries development our specialists use the method of ozone therapy or laser therapy using the KAVO HealOzone apparatus. In severe cases we perform all types of microprosthetics with ceramic inlays / onlays and restorations using the latest materials and technologies.

    When I should visit a dentist?

    Preventive examination

    It is necessary to consult a doctor 2 times a year in order to avoid and prevent exacerbations of chronic diseases.

    Preventive oral hygiene

    To prevent the occurrence of such diseases as gingivitis and periodontitis it is necessary to carry out professional cleaning of the oral cavity 2 times a year.

    Acute toothache

    You do not need to endure a toothache, as well as acute pain. If such a symptom occurs you need to consult a dentist urgently.

    Gum bleeding

    Late appointment to the doctor can lead to the occurrence of generalized process of the disease thereby the treatment cost will be many times higher than with treatment at the initial stage.

    Our doctors

    Our advantages

    We treat, not remove

    The philosophy of our dental clinic is dental prevention. Prevention of tooth diseases is our priority. We are always for the preservation of the teeth, even in difficult cases.

    We treat with a microscope

    For the treatment of complications of caries we use a dental microscope CJ-Optic (Germany). In addition the microscope takes a photo / video and records the entire treatment process. With its help we find and heal complex "twisted" canals, remove elements of instruments broken and left in the root canals.

    CT diagnostics

    For the treatment of complications of caries we use the Orthophos SL dental tomograph, which gives us an advantage in the treatment of difficult canals, the removal of a broken instrument, the detection of cracked teeth and the like.


    Does it hurt to treat my teeth?

    No, dental treatment of any complexity in our dental clinic is painless. Even if you are dealing with acute pain (for example, pulpitis) our specialists will relieve the pain in a matter of minutes.

    When can I eat after tooth restoration?

    You can take food almost immediately after the completion of treatment because we use a composite that instantly polymerizes.

    Can you cured the cyst?

    Yes, the cyst can be treated and we have our own methods that have shown good results. According to our own statistics we cure a large number of teeth which were diagnosticated to be removed.

    Do you use anesthesia?

    Yes, the anesthetics we use are absolutely safe for your health. Before the introduction of an anesthetic drug an allergic reaction test is required.

    Why do I need to do professional hygiene every 6 months?

    Unfortunately it is impossible to completely remove dental plaque at home because there are places that are difficult to get to on your own with a toothbrush, floss, brush and even an irrigator. 6 months is an approximate period when plaque has formed dental scale, and its removal will be painless and as gentle as possible for the tooth enamel.

    The cost of dental treatment

    Restoration, filling of teeth
    from 1000 UAH
    Gum treatment gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease
    from 500 UAH
    Professional hygiene
    from 1000 UAH
    Root canal filling
    from 1000 UAH
    Endodontic treatment (Parkell)
    from 1500 UAH
    Dental treatment under a microscope
    from 1000 UAH


    We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

    You can pay in cash or by card.

    We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


    All dental crowns we have made have a 3-year warranty, provided that the rules of use and doctor's recommendations are followed. You can read the warranty conditions in the "Warranties" section.

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