Bite correction. Orthodontic treatment

Correction of the occlusion

The occlusion correction is carried out using modern self-ligating braces and traditional: metal, ceramic or sapphire braces. Our orthodontist knowns techniques that reduce the time of wearing braces by up to 30%. We treat adults and children.

We treat adults and children

Orthodontic treatment is available at any age and as well as prognosticated and safe. The child can independently choose the color of the apparatus (plate). Our apparatus are convenient and efficient to use. They do not injure the gums and teeth. Children are happy to wear orthodontic plates made by us.


Diagnostics and planning of orthodontic treatment (alignment of the dentition) is carried out using modern computer 3D‑technologies intraoral scanner Sirona.

Elimination of dentition and occlusion problems

Among the main and most common reasons of abnormal occlusion are crowded teeth, too large gaps between the teeth, problems with the growth and size of the jaws, prominent teeth, poor teeth relation etc. Orthodontic problems can be inherited from parents (over several generations), caused by physical trauma, early loss of milk teeth, or a child's thumb-sucking habit.

If you have one or more of the following problems, please contact our orthodontist: crowded front teeth, trouble chewing or biting, fetor oris , speech defects, protruding teeth (upper or lower jaw), large gaps between teeth, mandibular dislocation or pain in the temporal joint.

If your child is 7 years old and you notice signs of a malocclusion, or your family dentist has referred you to an orthodontist, do not delay contacting an orthodontist.

Why do you need to correct the wrong bite


Most children lose all milk teeth before the age of 12-13. By the end of adolescence the jaw bones become hard and stop growing. By starting treatment in the childhood you can protect your child from wearing braces in the adult life. Orthodontic treatment for adults often takes longer and may require some teeth removal or jaw surgery. Treatment in the early age provides you with the advantages such as lower expenses and time saving.


Crowding of the teeth and improper closing of the jaws cause of injury to the gums, teeth, the occurrence of tooth trauma and loss of bone tissue surrounding the tooth. As a result occurs an early loss of teeth and need for their prosthetics. Moreover improper closure of the dentition is the cause of pain and crunching in the maxilla-temporal joint and drastically worsens the patient's quality of life.

Methods of bite correction

In his work the orthodontist uses various braces, which can be standard and self-ligating. Standard systems include metal ligature braces, ceramic ligature braces, sapphire ligature braces. Self-ligating systems include metal self-ligating braces and ceramic self-ligating braces.

Bite correction systems

Metal braces

They provide good treatment results. The disadvantages are that such systems are quite visible on the teeth. A significant advantage of these systems is their low cost.

Ceramic braces

These systems are most often used by adult patients who want to make their orthodontic treatment invisible for others. The cost of such systems is slightly higher than that of metal ones.

Sapphire braces

By its composition sapphire is a very transparent mineral. The transparency of such braces is close to glass and makes them barely visible. The cost of such systems is high.

Combined braces

They can be made of ceramic, sapphire and metal braces at the same time. There is a possibility of simultaneous placement of ceramics on the upper jaw and metal braces on the lower.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces do not have rubber elements (ligatures) that hold the arch in the bracket groove. Instead of it the metal clips are used to help the archwire move the teeth into the correct position. The clips provide more freedom of the teeth movement, since friction between the arch and grooves almost completely disappears. Thus they reduce the discomfort that sometimes occurs when using a traditional ligature. Self-ligating braces adjust faster and you spend less time in the dental clinic.

Ligature braces

For proper bite correction and teeth movement the orthodontist needs to replace the archwires periodically and to activate the braces. The activation of the ligature systems occurs more often. In accordance with the treatment standards it is carried out once a month since the ligatures are wore out quickly and are no longer reliably hold the arc.

The cost of straightening teeth

Metal system
7500 UAH
Ceramic system
15500 UAH
Sapphire system
18000 UAH
One-piece single-unit from
3500 UAH
Twin-Block Apparatus
9500 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan. You can pay in cash or by card.

We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


We provide a guarantee for all types of orthodontic treatment services, provided that the patient fulfills all doctor’s recommendations and following oral hygiene. For more information follow "Warranty" link.

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