Oral surgeon

Oral surgeon, prosthodontist, Owner MM Dental Clinic, Ph.D. of Medical Sciences.

Since 2003 and until today, he has been improving professional skills in the field of surgical dentistry and implantology, prosthetics, periodontology. Member of the Ukrainian Association of Digital Dental Technologies. Member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine. Member of the Association of Periodontists of Ukraine. Since 2015, co-founder of dentistry iStomatolog. Since 2020, founder and CEO "Maksym Makarenko dental clinic". Provides free dental care to ATO zone soldiers.

Received a number of awards:

  • All-Ukrainian Association "Kraina" medal "Knowledge, soul, heart to people"
  • Appreciation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • Special gratitude from the 25th separate mechanized infantry battalion "Kyivska Rus"
  • Acknoledgement from the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Since 2017 is a part of the Pirogov First Voluntary Military Hospital with a non-profit mission in the anti-terrorist operation zone. Purpose: to conduct preventive examinations of children in the anti-terrorist operation zone, followed by medical (including dental) care.

Oral surgeon, endodontist

He has been working in the MM Dental team from 2019 to the present. Since 2014, he has been improving his qualifications in the field of surgical dentistry and implantology, prosthetics, periodontology.

In 2016 a course on "Prosthetics on collapsible and non-collapsible implants" in Cologne (Germany).

In 2018 he participated in a conference on the topic "Therapy. Digital Dentistry. Prosthetics" in Viersen (Germany).

In 2019 a course on the topic "Basic course in prosthetics on implants".

He attends master classes of leading specialists in the field of dentistry from all over the world and participates in international dental symposia and conferences.

Pediatric dentist

Since 2016, she has been working with children, consults parents from the birth of children. She is engaged in the treatment of caries of temporary and permanent teeth. Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis of temporary teeth using the rubber dam system, teeth extraction by indications. Treats children in medication sleep (sedation), and using of laughing gas. Specializes in diseases of the oral mucosa. Regularly bone up her qualifications at national and international seminars, lectures, symposia.

2018 "With love to endo", "With love to resto" by Elena Dragan Ukraine

2019 "Dental gas versus xenon", online lecture, Moscow, Russian Federation

2019 "Composite in children's practice" online conference

2019 "Endodontic treatment of temporary / permanent teeth in children" Antonina Herzman

2021 "Using of metal crowns in pediatric dentistry", webinar by Dmitry Kislev 2013 graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

Dentist, Chief medical officer

10 years of experience.

Continuously improves and adopts the leading specialists experience of her colleagues at the international level. She has modern technologies for the treatment of root canals of teeth different anatomical configuration, in her work uses protocols of international standard.

  • 2016 - the seminar "Principles of instrumentation of root canals of teeth using rotary NiTi tools RaCe", FKG, Switzerland.
  • 2017 - the congress "Pediatric Dentistry New Generation"
  • 2017 - studied at Dentsply Sirona Academy "Endodontic treatment with a microscope"
  • 2019 - the conference "CHALLENGING BACTERIAL BIOFILMS", Domenico Ricucci, Italy
  • 2019 - the course "ANESTHESIA IN ENDODONTICS", Dr. Michael Solomonov, Tel Hashomer, Israel
  • 2021 - the seminar "Expert endodontics: from broken instruments to perforations and resorptions", Ricardo Tonini, Brescia, Italy.
Oral surgeon

21 years of experience.

Member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine.

Member of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, member of the International team of implantologists - ITI.

Performs surgical operations on bone grafting, surgical periodontology, dental implantation, tooth extraction.

She regularly participates in international symposia, conferences and seminars on implantation and surgical dentistry.

  • 2015 - symposium "Bone Augmentation", Belek, Turkey.
  • 2016 - International Dental Symposium, Seoul, South Korea.
  • 2017 - the symposium "Dental surgery", Turkey.
  • 2018 - International symposium on implantation, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • 2019 - International Implant Symposium, Madrid, Spain.

Assistant at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Kyiv Medical University.

Since 2016 she has been working a dentist.

She is proficient in modern methods of orthodontic treatment for children and adults: fixed appliance (braces, orthodontic appliances, treatment with mini-implants), removable (aligners, appliances).

Regularly improves her qualifications at seminars, lectures, symposia.

"Fixed equipment" 2018, Kyiv

"Biomechanics in Orthodontics" 2019, Kyiv

"Actual problems of orthodontics" 2021, Kyiv


Specializes in endodontics, restoration.

He always improves the level of his knowledge, adopts the experience of specialists around the world. Deeply studies the field of restorative dentistry.

In his practice uses international protocols.

2020 Graduated from the Bukovina State Medical University

2020 Igor Noenko "Primary Endodontics"

2020 Gianluca Plotino “Access to the Root Canal System”

2021 Denis Krutikov "Mistakes associated with composite restoration"

2021 Viktor Shcherbakov “Composite Restorations”


Tronko Yulia, was born on 02.21.1998 in the Kiev.

After graduating from the school I entered the First Kiev Medical College, specializing in general medicine, qualification as a paramedic.

In the third year I worked as an assistant in dentistry, but due to the large volume of studies, I had to leave the job. After studying, I worked in the contact center of the Dobrobut Medical Centre, where I gained invaluable experience in communicating with people. After working for 3 years I decided that I wanted to return of dentistry. I like live communication and helping people better.

The profession is interesting and allows you to develop. That is why I came to the Maksym Makarenko Dental Clinic, since the whole team is people who love their job and are passionate about it. I am glad to be a member of this friendly team.


Primak Svetlana was born on 08.12.1975 in the Zhytomyr region. After leaving school entered the Shepetivka Medical School, where I received the specialty "Dentistry" and the qualification "dentist".

After graduating from college since 1998 worked as a dentist at a local dental clinic. Continuous work experience for 21 years. She constantly took refresher courses, received the highest qualification category. Currently, I am glad to be member of a professional and friendly team.

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