History of Maksym Makarenko Dental clinic

"Having 18 years of practice as a doctor under my belt, I have come to a conclusion, that it is paramount to put every effort to preserve the tooth instead of removing it or resorting to implantation & prosthetics. Fortunately, my patients have become convinced of this over the years.”

Maksym Makarenko

Maksym Makarenko Dental Clinic is relatively young, but we are already proud of our achievements, our staff with extensive experience and state-of-the-art dental equipment.

We started our journey from a dental office in Kyiv with only 2 doctors and 2 assistants. Today we have a 160m² facility, which is equipped with 3 dental offices, its own dental laboratory, Cone beam computed tomography, a lecture hall for doctors and an IQOS-friendly area.

Currently, we provide a wide range of services: dental treatment for adults and children, dental implantation, crowns, bridges, veneers, high-quality professional oral hygiene services. Your healthy and beautiful smile is our vocation.

Over 6 years we have installed 3,000 implants, made 7,000 crowns, performed 1,000 surgeries and treated 123 patients with braces. Currently, the staff of Maksym Makarenko Dental Clinic consists of 6 doctors, 4 assistants, 3 administrators, 3 technical staff members.

If you need pain-free and high-quality treatment, visit us for a consultation. In just 1 hour, our team will conduct an examination, consult and make a complete treatment plan.



our dental clinic was founded in 2014. There were only two specialists

New premises

3 dental offices, one separate sterilization room, one X-ray room and one dental laboratory. Equipment: Sirona intraoral sensor radiovisiograph, Kavo Healozone device, Picasso diode laser, NSK physiodispenser, PRF System Duo centrifuge. Also, a SmartOptic dental microscope appeared in our arsenal.

Increase of staff

to improve the skills of doctors and medical personnel, we created a training center under our dental clinic. In the lecture hall we started holding thematic seminars for dentists from all over Ukraine. We were the pioneers to teach doctors to do dental implantation.

Digital dentistry

our dental clinic was one of the first clinics in Ukraine to use the CEREC system a technological set of equipment and materials for the manufacture of dental prostheses (crowns, inlays and bridges). Now there is no need to wait for weeks for dental crowns & bridges manufacture. With the Cerec system we started making crowns in 30 minutes.  It has been a high-precision product due to reduction of the human factor.

Digital dentistry

we did not stop there – the clinic obtained one more milling machine CEREC MC XL, which makes a ceramic crown in just 7 minutes.

Partnering up with Implantswiss, Jetpik and Sirona

Yes, this was a special event, our dental clinic became an official partner with the Swiss manufacturer of dental implants Implantswiss. Our implant surgeon accomplished a training course in Switzerland. A US manufacturer of electronic oral hygiene instruments Jetpik also became our partner.  Sirona (Germany), digital dental equipment manufacturer, partnered up with us, too. As a result, today our dental clinic has 7 Sirona technology units, that help to create the perfect smile for our patients.

Dental CT scanner

in 2020 we acquired a modern dental computed tomography scanner Sirona Orthophos SL, which grants a broad spectrum of high-precision diagnostics and treatment in our dental practice. CT can improve endodontic dental treatment, calibrate accurate dental implants or other dental surgeries. Furthermore, dental computed tomography improves the quality of orthodontic services.

Ultrasonic scalpel and dental microscope

we keep up with the times and use high-tech equipment to make the treatment for the patient more comfortable and easier. This year we acquired a DMETEC SURGYSTAR PLUS piezotome (ultrasonic scalpel) , a modern Sirona dental unit and a CJ Optic dental microscope with the ability to record the treatment process on video.

Sedation and teeth whitening

we acquired a Parker Matrx inhalation analgesia apparatus (sedative apparatus). Now we can do dental treatment asleep. We also acquired the Beyond 2 teeth whitening machine which able to whiten teeth up to 3 tones in 40 minutes.

Opening of the office of hygiene and periodontology

The office is fifitted with modern equipment. Our specialists provide professional hygiene services. For patients with periodontal disease our dentists providing, vector therapy, open flap debridement, non-surgical debridement, periodontal hygiene without the use of ultrasonic methods.
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