STA anaesthesia

STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) or computer anaesthesia is a modern method of local injection anaesthesia. An essential advantage of this method is that the computer determines the degree of resistance of mucosa tissues and the puncture is made with such an effort that the patient does not have painful sensations, even if he/she has a low pain threshold. What is more, the device itself regulates the delivery of an anaesthetic agent, individually for every patient. This makes the procedure almost insensible and at the same time maximum efficient.
Unlike the cartridge syringe, the device itself looks like a ball-point pen. This facilitates greatly the doctor’s work and the patient’s stay in the dentist chair, especially when a patient is afraid of injections, or it is a child patient. Importantly, STA-anaesthesia is made locally, for the specific tooth being treated. As a result, the anaesthetic dose delivered to the body is smaller than with ordinary local anaesthesia.

What should be known about anaesthesia

Indications for STA-anaesthesia:

  • Pregnant women to reduce the anaesthetic dose
  • Children
  • Adults with injection/needle phobias
  • All dental surgeries

Contraindications to STA-anaesthesia

  • Allergic reactions to components of the anaesthetic agent (in our clinic, we have a wide range of health-safe anaesthetics. Before introducing the anaesthetic, we obligatorily make an allergen test).

Computer anaesthesia advantages

Immediate result

Due to its precision, this technology allows activating the anaesthetic drug in 1-2 minutes after introduction, which is much faster than with the cartridge syringe.

Absolutely painless

The tip and the drug are introduced practically insensibly. That is why for patients with needle/injection phobias, children, and people with low pain threshold such type of anaesthesia will be an excellent way of solving the problem.

Lack of discomfort

Computer anaesthesia is used locally and anesthetises the tooth being treated. Owing to this, after the manipulations you will have no edema of your lip, cheek, tongue and half the face.


Due to computer regulation of anaesthetic delivery, the amount of drug that is introduced into the body is smaller, what is especially important for children, pregnant women, elderly people, and patients with cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases.

Where is computer anaesthesia used?

Cost of dentistry with STA anaesthesia

Teeth restoration, teeth filling
from 1000 UAH

Includes: doctor’s consultancy, restoration material, dentist’s work.

Root canal filling
from 1000 UAH
Endodontic treatment
from 1500 UAH
Treatment of gingival (parodontitis)
from 500 UAH


We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price and the agreed treatment plan.

You can pay in cash or non-cash (through a bank terminal).

We can get treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


We understand any clinical case and provide warranty periods for all types of work. You can read more in the “Warranty” section.

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