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    What is a dental implant

    An implant is often a design or prosthesis that is implanted into the bone tissue of a person's jaws with the aim of subsequently restoring lost teeth, restoring chewing function.

    This is an artificial tooth root. It is made of titanium or zirconium oxide and is installed in the bone tissue of the upper or lower jaw in place of the missing tooth or teeth followed by prosthetics with dental crowns.

    The design of a dental implant consists of 5 parts: the implant, a cover screw, a healing cap, a standard or custom abutment and a dental crown.

    Dental implantation at MM Dental Clinic

    Quality dental implants

    Use of time-tested implants: Straumann, ImplantSwiss, Nobel Biocare. All implants have a lifetime warranty.

    Have a CT-scanner

    Allows you to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the patient's teeth and competently plan a surgical intervention, for example, dental implantation.

    Quality equipment

    We use modern medical equipment and tools, which makes the work of our doctors more comfortable and accurate.

    We are constantly learning

    Our implant surgeons are constantly trained and trained by the world's leading experts in Western Europe and Asia.

    The main stages of dental implantation

    STAGE 1


    Anamnesis, examination and CT (computed tomography) analysis this is what you need to start with. CT helps determine the size, density of bone tissue of the jaw, location of anatomical formations (lower jaw: mandibular nerve, upper jaw: maxillary sinus).
    STAGE 2

    Installation of a dental implant

    We select the size of dental implants in accordance with the requirements of individual clinical case, model the implant template and plan the implantation procedure. It can performed under both local or general anesthesia (conventional dental treatment). It takes about 20-30 minutes.
    STAGE 3

    Gum formation

    Depending on the implant system, after 1.5-3 months post implantation on the lower jaw and/or 3-6 months on the upper one, a gum former will be installed for approximately 3-5 days. This is done in order to form the gingival margin of the future tooth (crown).
    STAGE 4

    Denatl crown molding

    3D scanner is used for the most accurate fabrication of the future crown or bridge using a special abutment (Ti-Base) for scanning.
    STAGE 5

    Dental crown manifacture

    Production of the crown is done on a special high-precision milling machine CEREC. Crown placement can be done on the same or the following day, depending on the selected type of material and the workload in the clinic.

    Simultaneous implantation

    Simultaneous implantation provides the chewing function restoration and aesthetics in the shortest term. The implant and the crown is installed in one visit to the clinic.

    Advantage: the total sum is cheaper than two-stage implantation by using of gum shaper and additional manipulations.

    Disadvantage: according to statistics rejection of the implantation is much higher.

    Two-stage implantation

    It consists of two stages: the first the installation of the implant after planning. A dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone and the mucosa is sutured. After the implant engraftment (lower jaw: 1.5-3 months, upper jaw: 3-6 months) starts the second stage of gum formation, scanning and prosthetics with crowns.

    The advantage: implants take root almost 97-98 percent.

    Disadvantage: the long process of engraftment of the implant and obtaining the final result.

    Indications to implantation

    When there is a lack of a tooth due to complications of caries and its removal, or anomalies in the number of teeth and their absence.
    If there are end or included defects of the teeth, edentulous jaws, when it is impossible to prosthetic removable structures.
    Implantation will help when it is impossible to use removable or conditionally removable prostheses due to allergies, vomiting reflex.

    Contraindications to implantation

    Unsatisfactory oral hygiene, bad habits.
    Lack of bone structure due to diseases (periodontitis).
    Blood diseases, allergic reactions, disturbing syndromes, mental disorders.
    Стоматолог Максим Макаренко

    Maksym Makarenko

    The installation of implants is carried out by a dental surgeon Maksym Makarenko.

    Dental surgeon. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

    • Member of the Ukrainian Association of Digital Dental Technologies.
    • Member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine.
    • Member of the Association of Periodontists of Ukraine.
    • Member of the International team of implantologists - ITI.
    • Since 2015, co-founder of dentistry iStomatolog.
    • Since 2020, founder and CEO "Maksym Makarenko dental clinic".
    • Provides free dental care to ATO zone soldiers.

    Received a number of awards:

    • All-Ukrainian Association "Kraina" medal "Knowledge, soul, heart to people"
    • Appreciation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    • Special gratitude from the 25th separate mechanized infantry battalion "Kyivska Rus"
    • Acknoledgement from the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

    Since 2017 is a part of the Pirogov First Voluntary Military Hospital with a non-profit mission in the anti-terrorist operation zone. Purpose: to conduct preventive examinations of children in the anti-terrorist operation zone, followed by medical (including dental) care. Since 2003 and until today, he has been improving professional skills in the field of surgical dentistry and implantology, prosthetics, periodontology.

    Dental implants that we install

    Additional services

    The cost of dental implants

    Dental implant Dentis
    from 8000 UAH

    (South Korea)

    Dental implant ImplantSwiss
    from 14 000 UAH


    Dental implant i-system
    from 17 000 UAH


    Dental implant Straumann
    from 17 500 UAH


    Dental implant Nobel Biocare
    from 17 500 UAH


    What is included in the price of teeth implantation

    CT examination, consultation and planning of implantation, dental implant and its installation, doctor's recommendations in the postoperative period.


    We have no hidden fees. Payment is made according to the price list and the agreed treatment plan.

    You can pay in cash or by card.

    We provide treatment for an insured event through an insurance company and under a contract with another company.


    The implant manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. We provide a benefits for dental implantation subject to the recommendations of the doctor.

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