Tooth extraction with simultaneous implantation

Maksym Makarenko

Максим Макаренко Specialty: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

A man of 22 years has come to our dental clinic with a complaint about adentia of the upper 2 teeth in the place of which are the canines and, accordingly, on the left side at the top instead of the canine is a baby tooth. The patient refused to be treated by an orthodontist. There was a place for implant placement. The baby tooth became mobile and biting caused unpleasant sensations.

The patient said that he had not been able to be without a tooth for about 2 months. But that's how long the osseointegration of the implant in the bone lasts. That meant that implantation with the installation of a new tooth must be performed in one visit to the clinic.

After the computed tomography research we saw the distance from the canine to the 4th tooth (where we plan to place the implant) is very small. It was decided to install the implant according to the template.

Stage 1

Computed tomography

We examined the jaw bone, its state and type and made sure that a dental implant can be installed.
Stage 2

Scanning and planning

Scanning both jaws in the bite allowed us to simulate the future design of the tooth (dental crown) on a computer. Then in the program for modeling of dental crowns made the future model of a tooth. This model was transferred to a milling machine for sawing the crown itself. Then in the implant planning program we placed a dental implant under a simulated crown so that the entire model could be transferred to a crown milling machine.
Stage 3

Template milling

The template gives us the exact direction of the first drilling and allows you to place the implant exactly on the axis of the tooth and not harm neighboring teeth.
Stage 4


Patient is in a chair. Local anesthesia works. We made a small puncture of the mucous membrane, installed a template, through which we made the first drilling and installed the implant. Using a Sirona 3D scanner, we scanned the abutment (the part of the implant that the crown is put on). Then we sent a previously modeled dental crown for milling. The finished crown was glued to the abutment and fixed in the patient's mouth.

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