A tooth crown within 1 hour

Makarenko Maksym

Максим Макаренко Speciality: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

A patient born in 1996 consulted the clinic complaining of the chip of the frontal upper tooth caused by the injury.

It was necessary to urgently restore the injured tooth. As the chip affected only half the tooth, we did not consider restoration and suggested covering the tooth with a ceramic crown that we could make onsite, in the clinic. The whole work took one hour.



To prevent the root split, we made a spot X-ray of the tooth. The injury was serious, the tooth split into 3 parts, two thirds of the crown was destroyed. The palate splinter went under the gingiva for 3 mm.

Tooth canal treatment

As the pulp horn was opened, it was necessary to fill the root canals. STA computer anaesthesia was used for painless treatment. With X-ray control, we filled the canal. We made an inlay at this stage as well.


We prepared the tooth for future crown (preparation). With the 3D scanner Sirona, the dentist took digital impressions of the patient’s upper and lower jaws and the bite.

Crown modelling

Scanner impressions were transmitted to the computer which simulated the future crown with regard to the anatomic peculiarities of the patient’s jaw structure and bite.

Crown milling

The ready-made model was transmitted to the milling cutter CEREC MC XL, which manufactured the ceramic crown within just 7,5 minutes. After the crownwork, it was fixed on the tooth in the oral cavity. The patient remained pleased with the terms and quality of the work performed.

The photo “after” was taken just after the placement of the new crown. In a few days, the edema will dissipate and the gingiva will get down.

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