Artistic restoration of 16 teeth

Makarenko Maksym

Максим Макаренко Speciality: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

Our clinic was addressed by a female patient who complained of non-aesthetic appearance of teeth. The teeth were devitalised before, the colour changed at the teeth necks and the teeth were of different size. The patient also wanted to make her frontal teeth a little larger, to get rid of the gingival smile (when both teeth and gingivae are seen in a smile). The lower jaw teeth were also restored before, there were seals that changed their colour.

  • We suggested making and placing veneers (thin ceramic onlays on teeth) or placing ceramic crowns on the frontal teeth. But the patient did not agree because of limited budget.
  • To minimise expenses, we suggested direct teeth restoring with the filling material Asteria (Japan), making a symmetrical zenith (pink smile).
  • First, the patient wanted to make her teeth larger along the cutting edge, but we suggested gingiva correction with the diode laser and enlarge the teeth due to the free space, with the frontal teeth aligned along the cutting edge. In this way we managed to get rid of the gingival smile.

Gingiva correction with the diode laser was under local anaesthesia, the gingiva edge was cut by 1,5 mm. The gingiva healed in 4 days after correction, after which we could restore 8 upper and 8 lower teeth.

The patient chose teeth colour А1 with the transparent cutting edge. In making the frontal teeth, we used 6 shades of the filling material. Restoration of frontal teeth took 4 hours.

The resultant photos were taken just after restoration with the filling material:

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