Artistic restoration of 13 teeth

Makarenko Maksym

Максим Макаренко Speciality: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

Our clinic was addressed by a female patient who complained of non-aesthetic appearance of teeth, in particular of chips from old teeth restorations and a right upper tooth retracted inside.

After teeth examination, together with the patient, we decided to replace old restorations and the upper tooth crown. After professional oral hygiene, we restored 10 lower jaw teeth, 3 upper jaw teeth and replaced the right upper crown during a single visit to the clinic.

Restoration was made with the filling material Asteria by the Japanese company Tokuyama Dental. The whole procedure took 3 hours.
One visit tooth crown manufacturing is as follows:

  • with the intraoral scanner, we received digital impressions
  • we modelled the crown in a special computer program
  • the digital model of the crown was transmitted to the milling cutter, which manufactured the crown from a ceramic blank in several hours.

The photos “after” teeth treatment were taken just after the removal of the insulating system. The following stage will be teeth polishing after which they get natural shine:

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