Teeth alignment with orthodontic plates

Polina's mother went to our orthodontist for a preventive examination after the oral cavity sanation (treatment of caries) made by a therapeutist. The child had a significant lack of space for permanent teeth on upper and lower jaws. Permanent teeth started to erupt as a second row and endanger the immature teeth.

The orthodontist decided to make a removable plate device to expand the upper jaw and create additional space for all teeth that erupt.


X-ray control


Teeth treatment


Making of removable plate


Professional teeth cleaning

The active treatment lasted 4 months and included wearing the device day and night with the activation of the device screw by parents every 7 days. As a result of poor teeth hygiene at home there was found a significant amount of plaque on teeth. A professional brushing of teeth and a hygiene lesson were conducted (the child was reminded in practice how to properly and effectively remove plaque).

Afterwards for the better result it was recommended to wear the device at night for 1 year. A reexamination 1 year later showed significant positive changes in the child's appearance and condition of the dental rows (the problem of lack of space was completely resolved).

Following recommendations: installation of bracket-systems after the patient became 11-12 years old.

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