We made and placed 4 dental bridges for 1 day

Makarenko Maksym

Максим Макаренко Speciality: surgery, implantology, periodontology and prosthetics

Our clinic was addressed by a patient born in 1982 who complained of an aesthetic defect of teeth in upper and lower jaws, difficult food chewing and pain when eating.

In the upper jaw, he had a metal-ceramic construction (bridge) with chipped ceramics. As the patient said, it happened after the injuries. In the lower jaw, the grinding teeth had large caries cavities and no sixth-year molar teeth, and a large number of teeth with cervical caries.

The patient’s main request was short terms of construction manufacture without surgery (implantation). We suggested the following treatment: computed tomography scan, with treatment planning, hygienic procedures (professional teeth cleaning), which was followed by endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) of retainer teeth and sanation of caries teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

Teeth preparation took 4 visits (4 days), and manufacturing of bridge-like constructions with fixation on the teeth took 1 day.


CT examination

The patient had orthopantomography to make up a treatment plan and a CT scan to diagnose the condition of retainer teeth and the bone in general.


Professional tooth cleaning, removal of hard and soft plaque on the teeth as well as removal of calculus.

Teeth treatment

Teeth treatment endodontic treatment (root canal therapy), treatment of caries teeth.

Dental bridges

Having prepared the retainer teeth for bridge-like zirconium oxide prostheses, we scanned the oral cavity with the Cerec apparatus. Digital impressions were transmitted to the milling cutter which manufactured the bridge-like prostheses from zirconium oxide.  

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