New teeth without implantation

Maksym Makarenko

Максим Макаренко Specializes in surgery, implantology, periodontics and prosthetics

A lady of 1951 birth year has referred to our clinic with the following complaint ceramic crown chipping of porcelain-fused-to-metal bridgework of the tooth 1.2. The first priority was to restore the aesthetic function.

Before making a new construction it was necessary to make sure that the teeth were completely are healthy. After diagnostics we following problems were found:

  • tooth 1.3 - fracture of the root
  • teeth 2.6, 2.7 - roots are destroyed
  • teeth 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 - periodontitis.

At the stage of diagnosis the patient was propose the existing problems and offered several treatment options. Having evaluate arguments: risks, timing, cost, etc., the patient settled on the option of complete readjustment of the oral cavity, followed by prosthetics of the anterior teeth with a bridgework of zirconium dioxide and the manufacture of a removable partial denture with clasps on the upper and lower jaws to restore the chewing functions.


CT-scan diagnostics. Professional oral hygiene.

Before the treatment it was necessary to carry out a full-fledged professional oral hygiene.

Removing the denture, dental treatment

Before endodontic treatment the metal-ceramic bridge was removed. After this an endopreparation: treatment and revision of the root canals of the abutment teeth for a zirconium dioxide bridge on the upper jaw. In one visit the endodontist performed treatment and filling canals of 7 teeth.

Removal of three decayed teeth


Reinforcement. Treatment. 3D-scanning

Manufactured and installed 7 inlay core for prosthesis of zirconium dioxide, processed the teeth. By digital intraoral scanner made an impression of a jaw and transferred to our laboratory for the manufacture of a bridge.

Fixing. Scanning for a bugel prosthesis

After 2.5 hours a zirconia bridge was tried on and then fixed. Impressions of the upper and lower jaws were taken to make a bugel prosthesis.

Trying on

Installation of the removable partial denture with clasps. Then there will be a correction of the bugel prosthesis (from 1 to several visits).

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