How to prepare a child for a visit to the dentist

Makarenko Maksym

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Many parents think that treating milk teeth is five-minute work for the dentist. But it is far from true – child’s successful treatment depends first of all on parents, on how a child is prepared for a visit and what a child has been told about teeth treatment. If you are reading this article, you are likely to see us soon, and your small child has ahead exciting adventures and positive meetings with our children’s’ doctors.

To make a visit to the dentist pleasant and comfortable, a child needs to know where he/she is going and what he/she is going to do there. As a rule, these things affect a child’s attitude to the doctor and the success of treatment as a whole. We wrote 6 rules to make treatment bring positive emotions.

If a child is afraid of doctors, you should not tell him/her that you are going to the clinic, but you are not actually going to the hospital – our doctors do not wear white gowns and there are no door plates with doctors’ names in our clinic. Tell your child that he/she has grown enough to show his/her teeth to the specialist who will count them. And for this the child will also get a present.

Get prepared to the dentist’s as if you are going to a place your child adores going to, for example, to the kindergarten or a game room. Try to recreate as much as possible the picture that your child associates with comfort and joy. Bring change of shoes in order not to put on shoe covers, bring child’s favourite toys, books. Let your child look forward to this meeting since evening when you start collecting things. And the most important thing is that we do not drill and file teeth – we sometimes clean teeth with little brushes and collect water with little vacuum cleaners.

Never tell your child that it will be or will not be painful, it is scary or bad – all this will only alert your child and cause stress. This should not be done as some unpleasant sensations are possible and your child may not trust you any more before visiting the dentist.

In general, ideally you can take your child to the dentist for professional oral hygiene, for example. The child will see that it is not painful and scary, this will get him/her acquainted with the dentist’s room, equipment and doctors. As you and I know, children are reflection of their parents.

In the course of dental procedures do not tell the child “it’s not painful”, “just a little more”, “just a couple of seconds more” – this is not always true. In the pauses between the procedures, it is better to cheer up the child, praise him/her, say how well he/she is doing, what a hero he/she is and so on.

We are against of keeping hold of the child and try not to fix the child by force in the course of treatment. We always try to agree that we will just talk, look at the teeth, play and get presents in the end, or we find alternative methods of effective cooperation. That is why you should not insist on “let’s keep hold of him/her”, especially in the child’s presence.

Do not tell the child that previously it was scary and painful to treat teeth – now it is not. The child can understand your words in another way and it will not do us good.

By no means tell the child about injections and everything connected with them. We use only cherry jam or sweet juice to pour on the tooth or dub the gingiva to freeze a bad worm in the tooth.

Do not tell the child that it is necessary to pull out a tooth. We use no pliers, screwdrivers and tongs. If a tooth needs extracting, we dub it with jam, touch with a special brush and when the worm inside the tooth freezes, it jumps out itself. Afterwards, we put the tooth into a special little chest and solemnly give it to the child.

If the child does not mind, leave him/her with the doctor alone. Experience proves that best treatment results are when a child is in the dentist’s room without parents. It is when a child starts trusting the doctor and loses fear of visiting the dentist.

Your task is to trust the dentist, and our doctor will surely find an approach to your child.

Spend a little time before the visit, come earlier than the appointed time, fill in the administrator’s questionnaire – this will give us a chance to make friends with your kid and become one of his/her best pals.

Thank you for reading our instructions to the end!

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